a personal anecdote.

[my bones cry out.]

and so i find myself here, trapped between two walls.

melancholy for what has been,

excitement for what is to come.

and i am working, trying hard to keep complacency from overpowering a contentment for the present that i so desperately seek.

i hope so often to see the world through benevolent eyes. and only sometimes, do i truly realize the burden of such a request.

my mind, flooded with feelings of inadequacy for the fear that i am incapable to love in such a way.
[my soul, with guilt because i too often choose not to.]

but i think there is something beautiful about a fear that intercedes on behalf of the helpless.
for those that are forgotten, overlooked.
those needing a love spoken with truth, and brought with freedom.
because it reminds us that another world is possible.

that we might know a hope that is real, so that others may live.

and so i am reminded that life is a process.
as we walk through stages in life, we grow and we change. [constantly.]
we must change, or else we will expire.

[©profesorasarah, 2007]

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