who is profesora sarah?

a manifesto is defined as a declaration of one’s beliefs, opinions, motives, & intentions.

simply put, it is a statement of what is important.

this is my manifesto.

i am a collector of ideas. [& a work in progress.]

i have a penchant for leaps of faith, travel,  autumn, & farmers’ markets.

i enjoy long bike rides & documentary films.

i practice yoga & believe in leaving people better than you found them.

i advocate respect, equality, kindness & compassion.

some things i believe.

there is a profound difference between being alive and truly living.

anything worth doing requires the courage to fail, don’t give up when it gets hard.

we can learn something new from everyone we meet.

straight and narrow paths rarely lead to interesting destinations.

if you are too focused on the destination, you’ll forget to enjoy the journey.

people seem to have more regrets about things they didn’t do than things they did.

if it doesn’t defy the laws of nature, it’s possible.

we are connected to the land that we have walked, and we carry those places with us everywhere we go.

there has never been anything to prove.


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